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Monday, 21 December 2009

Walks, snow and the bugs

Sunday was a beautiful white day.  I was due on a Shepherd's Walk from Kirkharle and thought it would be cancelled due to the poor road conditions.  Most walkers cancelled but Jon still held the walk. The drive on the back roads across country for fairly hairy, but no one else was around so that made it easier than it might have been.  The walk was super - lovely views in the snow. 
I'm actually in one of my photos this time - that's me with the red jacket and navy fleece hat.
Today I was due in Haltwhistle at 0930, but at 0830 there was a white-out here.  I decided not to go, but then the snow stopped and the sun came out, so I sallied forth.  The Military Road was treacherous and I nearly turned back a couple of times.  All went well until I caught up with a very nervous driver who was going too slowly and using his brakes all the time. I wasn't sure he would get up the hills because he had so little momentum, and I had to hang back and stop a couple of times to let him get ahead.  I think we need a Public Service broadcast to explain how to drive safely in the snow and ice.
Arrive Haltwhistle for committee.  More frustrating delays in the system to mean we can't get our programmes out on time.  Keep smiling.
Home again where Mum is still quite poorly with pleurisy. Now I'm snuffling and coughing again.  You can't win.  Keep smiling!

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