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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1st December

Very frosty this morning with a glorious sunrise. I was still in bed - too late to use the camera to good effect. Busy rest of morning with website and with music for Singing for Pleasure. Needed to lift car bonnet to fill up water reservoir, but the release handle did not work. Delayed me for a while, but then I went to Haltwhistle to deliver the painting to M and B ready for the presentation tomorrow to C and A. They seemed pleased with the picture so that is great.
Just in time for U3A lecture on wild flowers in China. Arrived on 2pm, but the computer and projector were not talking to each other so spent 20 minutes sorting it out.  Finally got the speaker underway. He was not pleased. The images were overall very good, especially the close ups of the flowers. I'd love to go.
Came home but decided to go out to Wall Garage to see if the car could be sorted. The lovely man there looked at it immediately. It wasn't straightforward but he managed to get to the cable release which had come apart.  Now I can top up the water and put screen wash in ready for the next icy day.
Just in time to make the meal and get out to Photo Club where we had the annual auction. I love auctions and there was a lot of gear available for very low prices. A lot did not sell and we had to take all our goods away again. This was tricky because I'd bought lots of things to! C kindly helped me carry my booty to the car.  I started the bidding for a metal camera suitcase thinking that was all I was doing - but it was soon mine.  Also bought a set of goblets from the Isle of Mull brought in by HS. And so it went on.  Found a great monopod, brand new, and a small printer for Mum to use with the laptop.  Even bought a biography of Wainwright I'd been wanting - disappointed that it smells musty......
And so to bed.......

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