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Saturday, 19 December 2009

North Tyne and Redewater Choral Society Christmas concert

Went to hear the North Tyne and Redewater concert in Humshaugh tonight. The weather had been good until the afternoon when there was heavy snow.  I wonder how they will all get home tonight.  The concert was poorly attended but I think that regulars from further up the North Tyne would think twice before turning out to drive on treacherous roads.  It had frozen over by the time the concert finished so extra jeopardy.
They sang an interesting cycle of songs by Geoffrey Bush in the first half. The new deputy organist at the Abbey accompanied beautifully. I was less impressed by his improvisation on Little Donkey. Eric hated the organ and they were played on the organ, and Eric didn't really like Little Donkey (although it paid the bills for years). Also Eric had campaigned to have a piano in the church to no avail, but for the concert a piano was hired and in situ - just one week after Eric's funeral. Some irony there.
Overall I think the choir did well with the odd little blip.  It was a very enjoyable concert.
Then to D and P's Christmas party. Lovely food and good company.
Now to bed......

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