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Saturday, 12 December 2009

"Swan 'flu"

Just surfacing after a miserable week with swine 'flu.  Mum, who is prone to Malopropisms, called it swan flu one day this week, so the name has stuck.  Much nicer than swine.  Of course I can't be sure it was swine flu - it was proper flu, and I'd had my ordinary flu jab last month, so I had to assume the porcine variety.  The real challenge was negotiating the Swine flu online advice and trying to find out where to get the Tamiflu from.  I thought it was the fever that prevented me from finding Northumberland in the list, but no, there was nowhere to go for Tamiflu. The nearest place is Byker in Newcastle, not the easiest place to find for my "flu friend" who is 88 years old. I decided in the end to send her to Brampton - easy journey from here - and then did not see that she needed to be able to prove who we both are.  Thankfully the pharmacist was kind and helped to sort out this glitch, but she contacted the GMC to prove who I am.  Do the powers that be think there is big business in getting one script of Tamiflu illegally???
Won't go on, but it is a very debilitating illness and I'll be glad to get going normally again.  Missed Bellingham Christmas play last night, Farmers' Market and Abbey Fete in Hexham today.
End of moan.

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