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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day

Thick freezing fog here this morning.  It may be fairly local because our village is near to the river North Tyne.  I don't think I'll go far to check.  Mum and I both had bad nights (separately). She was coughing for 2 hours while I was asleep and I was awake for 2 hours from 0400 - sore throat and ear and still coughing a bit.  Here's hoping that we are both well by 2010!!
Yesterday was very quiet. We managed a game of Scrabble  (I won) and watched a bit of TV, but retired by 9pm.  I played a few carols and Christmas music on the piano.  Mum worked hard to eat a small portion of the meal, but complained I had done 4 veg.  Mine didn't taste wonderful.  Still, "in the greater scheme of things", we can't complain. We are warm, well fed and we didn't have to cope with a large tribe of argumentative relatives.......!!!

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