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Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Funny old day.  Started with trip to Freeman with Mum to pick up her new hearing aid moulds. They are much more obvious than the last ones, but are hypoallergenic. Sadly they are not comfortable and she could hardly hear when they were in.  Back to square one. We were there for about 2 hours.
The to the Metro Centre and M & S. It took ages to find a parking space - everyone is Christmas shopping - and then the queue in Marks for lunch was very, very long. We ended up with a picnic on a bench outside Boots - sandwiches and drink from Boots. Even that took ages to buy due to queues.  It all reminds me of why I don't go the the Metro Centre in December!
Back to M & S where we found a pale blue twinset for Mum and I tried on loads of trousers with no luck. I'm just not the right shape for their trousers - but at least I'm a lot thinner than last year.
Then to picture framers' to choose mounts and frames for 2 embroideries. Mum's commission was taped into its frame.
Home very happy, and just had time to eat before going to the Hexham Art Club preview for the selling exhibition. It's a lovely exhibition with some very good prices.
And so to bed......

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