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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Funny old day

Good intentions - if only I had managed to follow my good intentions this morning. I intended to set out early and call in at Hexham for petrol and to deposit all the bottles in the boot of the car into the bottle bank at the Wentworth. Didn't manage that. Set out for Rothbury - definitely enough petrol to get there, but would need to fill up at the Rothbury service station. This turned out to be a figment of my imagination! No petrol in Rothbury. I was in good time so started to drive along the Morpeth road, but no petrol station and both time and petrol were getting low. Asked someone in Rothbury who said there was petrol at Thropton - just 2 miles - so set off there. "To take immediate effect, this petrol station and shop are closed on Sundays in the winter months" Had to go to start of walk. Seemed the nearest place for petrol later would be north on the A697, about 10 miles away.

Lovely walk. Took lots of photos. Gathered a few mosses and lichens for tomorrow's class. Learnt a lot about clouds and weather.

Then set off north. Gauge now reading 0 miles before filling up. Drove carefully. Following fire engine. Wondering if it would have been better to head for Otterburn - or was the petrol station there also a figment of my imagination? Fire engine was going to car crash - followed my 3 ambulances, police cars....... Most cars in the queue turned around and headed south. I could not risk it. Listened to Tinker Tailor on Radio 4. Alison came and chatted and said she would stay to make sure I was OK. Delayed by about half and hour. Then to petrol station - no credit card in purse (on desk), but had £20 to buy petrol.
Have you ever felt that you were in one of those dreams where you cannot achieve your goal??
And so to bed.......

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