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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Walk around and above Dodd Hill

Went on Shepherd's Walk from South Middleton today. Arrived in good time to find the first arrivals watching frogs in the pond. Already sunny and mild. 7 of us plus our leader, Richard, set out after a discussion about bee keeping. We were in sun and a light breeze all day, so I didn't realise how sunburnt I was getting!

Onwards and upwards, with a stop eventually for an early lunch. (Actually we stopped lots of times to hear about the landscape, the geology, the influence of ancient and modern farming techniques.)

There were plenty of sheep watching the only walkers of the day - we must seem quite exotic to them, because there won't be many people to see in this area.  On the top we saw an old Larsen trap and had an interesting discussion about how crows, magpies, jays, etc should be managed.  This trap made us all feel uncomfortable.

After a leisurely lunch we set off again, had the regulatory group photo (and for once I'm in it!)

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