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Sunday, 11 April 2010

End of the day

I did go out walking, but it was a bit of a muddle. First of all I could not find the new permissive car park I was looking for, and I drove around the roads near Steel Rigg twice.  I gave up and decided to put my car in a layby and walk on a new permissive path. Then I realised I'd left the maps at home - so I had to rely on my shaky mental map of the area. Then I was too hot/too blown about.  I nearly gave up.  Glad I didn't. I eventually found the car park (on foot by now of course) and the path to Greenlee Lough. Two fields along and I saw a ewe who had just given birth to twins. One lamb was on its feet and being cleaned up. It was trying to suckle. The ewe was ignoring the other lamb who sat crying pitifully but could not make it upright.  Both lambs were bright yellow so I assume that one had passed meconium in utero.  I took a few photos on the long lens - too far away but I didn't want to upset any bonding. I walked on towards the Lough, ran out of time, and on my return was delighted to see the second lamb take its very first steps towards Mum. The ewe still looked rather disinterested but both lambs were working hard to find the spot to feed so I think they would be fine.
Suddenly very tired and glad to have company on return along tarmac to car. Walked with the man who looks after the A69.  I would never have guessed his occupation.  He might come to the festival......

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