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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

SFP, journalists, Photo Club

An action packed day. Spent the morning transcribing Ye Banks and Braes for the Singing for Pleasure group. Had long conversation with  Tony Henderson from The Journal. I hope he will have a good article on the Festival in Thursday's paper.  He was very interested in the Singing Walk, Bachhan-ale walk and the Bumblebees (now sadly cancelled).
The choir sang very well. It is still very hard work because of the booming acoustic and the number who are deaf. The acoustic makes life impossible for many of us, but the hall is big and we don't pay extra for it......
I did a big supermarket shop at Aldi and Tesco and was very tired when I got home. Quick evening meal and then we were both off out: Mum to NADFAS and me to Photo Club. I saw the prints from Istanbul - what a high standard they achieved. Scary. Always a good sociable night out.

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