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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Singing walk

Carol and I set off this morning to do the recce for the singing walk.  It was a grey and cold morning so we set a good pace in order to keep warm. We are a bit concerned in case we have slow walkers on the day; it will be no problem in good weather, but rather difficult if it is cold or raining. (I don't want to think about raining really........) We went up the Haltwhistle Burn and found some good places to sing. The landslide is problematic because it is uneven and muddy. (On the way back we met Eric who told us that someone has the contract to clear the landslide away, staring tomorrow, so we should be OK for our walk.  Good news indeed.)
We thought about singing at the quarry opposite the Milecastle but would need to use the stile there so crossed that off the list. There is a lovely path to Cawfields off the road, but it is a bit steep in places. We've decided to assess the walkers' ability as they go up the Burn. Cawfields is our site for lunch, toilets and more songs. I think the walk will be fine. An article about it should be in the Newcastle Journal any day now.

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