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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Quiet Sunday?

I need to "break eggs with sticks" today, but hope to do it quietly and with enjoyment. I've started to put the furniture back into Mum's bedroom -it's newly decorated, looks lovely. Also need to get a lot of belated pruning done in the garden, where life is kicking into the borders with a vengeance.  Must split some perennials this year.
Then I want to do a pre-walk of the walk I'm leading on Wednesday (courtesy of Tony who has broken a toe - he is a stalwart of the festival and we will miss him sorely on the walks). So why am I sitting typing this?  I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and Bowlby is enjoying a cuddle in her usual position - I've had to learn to type with a cat's head resting on my left forearm. I have to type evenly and without much movement, otherwise she objects strongly.

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