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Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday: committees, walking, tree surgeon

Glorious weather today. Spent the morning at the walking festival committee meeting, finalising plans. My Botany and Bee walks have not booked well, but we are still going to run them and cut our losses. We're also trying to boost the numbers for the Vindolanda visit so that we have the talk from the archaeologist - he will speak only if we have at least 15 bodies there (so to speak).
Extra Challenge bookings came in today, probably the result of leafleting at the Allendale Challenge. Colin says they had 800 walkers and 200 runners for their event last Saturday.  Mind boggling. We'll do well if we get to 200 I reckon, but the numbers are creeping up slowly.
Thought I'd do a recce this pm but got embroiled in editing photos. Then went for a short walk down the village in my new boots. They feel very odd because they are higher around my ankles than previous boots. Fingers (and toes) crossed (not that I am in any way superstitious).

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