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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival

Very busy this week with preparations for the Spring Walking Festival.  Suddenly there is loads to do, and I've lost time while Mum has been ill.  (Still no at all well, but managed to get dressed yesterday.)  Booking starts online on Wednesday 20th January, and there are lots of things to sort out to make this go smoothly.  I'm also trying to sort out the new leaflets we want to use for publicity.  The printers we had chosen are not able to batch the leaflets for us, so I have to find a new printer and a good price; so far impossible.  I also have to make sure that the entries for the Haltwhistle Challenge run smoothly. They are much more complicated than the walks bookings. I've had a few nights of wakefulness while I try to work out appropriate solutions. I do like having problems to solve, as long as I can find good solutions that is.
Reading Ruth Rendell on writing a good detective novel.  Very interesting book so far.  It's a break from reading detective novels.......

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  1. Hello there! Thought I'd come over and take a peep. I've not had a chance to have a rummage around your blog as yet...but will be back for more. Looks as if you are very local. Fantastic stuff. Hadriana x