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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Reminiscences of past winters 1

So much snow, and such low temperatures.  Of course it makes me reminisce about the previous winters when the snow was excessive. I  can remember '63 and '81.  My Mum can remember '47, when one of her family had to climb out of a bay window in order to dig the snow away from the front door. Then the rest of the family could get outside.  In '63 I had just started grammar school. We had no days off, but trudged through Barnes Park every day. The worst thing was getting up the steps from the park onto the school field. The boys (from the next door school) stood there and rained snowballs down onto us - poor little fusties (first years) that we were.  It was grim, but I remember just getting on with it.  I don't suppose I told my parents, or if I did, they would not have complained to school.  (I probably didn't tell them in case they made me walk around the park, a much longer journey to and from school.  Same as when there was a flasher in the park - I didn't know what that was all about, but I certainly did not tell them. I knew I'd be banned from the shorter walk.)

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