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Monday, 4 January 2010

Bravely into the New Year

The days have blended one into another with a routine developing as Mum continues to be ill and I continue to look after her. I requested a nebuliser on New Year's Eve and that has helped with her symptoms, improving her breathing with each dose, but then slipping back again before the next was due.   We are both pretty tired but doing our best to be positive.
Today I asked for another home visit since we were out of medication and she still has lots of chest signs (consolidation of the left lung base). The new GP at the practice came - excellent - did all the things that proper doctors are supposed to do. Mum is now on steroids and feels much more confident about her treatment.
I've been shovelling snow to try to make it possible to use our drive.  Hard work!!  I expect my back will object later.  The snow is very beautiful and I realise I have not uploaded any images from the last few days.

Taken on Jan 1st in the evening from our lounge.

Taken by the road end where the Wark Road passes our village

A field near Lincoln Hill

Everyone I met on my walk yesterday was cheerful and enjoying the weather.

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