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Friday, 12 February 2010

Old habits die hard

Typical. I started this blog in January, just like I used to start diaries years ago, and by February the entries had dried up.   Will try harder!
Very busy day: played piano for the Unlikely Ladies at 0900 in West Woodburn. We are performing in a concert in Bellingham next Friday evening.  I've decided not to continue to be "musical director" and I'm flattered that JR is taking over.  (Very prestigious catch.)  Then came home, read Courant and saw decorator who finished painting the dining room.  Excellent work.  Read bits of Northumbrian and was very disappointed that there was no mention of the Haltwhistle Walking Festival in a big article about the new Wainwright book on the Pennine Way.  Not only that, they have used one of my photos in the article with no acknowledgement!!  Must make sure the next Northumbrian contains reference to the Festival. Had lunch, went to help J and D with their computer. They are like so many older people who get a computer, but who then don't believe they can work it. I can help, but I know they will have to put in some work themselves to understand the basics.  Once they are over the hump they will be fine. Then taught a flute lesson - well done M who had worked hard between lessons.
Now cooking tea (cooker is buzzing away) and we are going to the Hexham Music Society concert tonight. This will be Mum's first time out in the evening since mid-December. Another step forward.

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