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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Will it all get done?

"Breaking eggs with sticks" here as my nana used to say (and as I have probably said in a previous blog).
Lots to do before I go away on my photo course on Monday - just hoping for dry weather, with or without snow.  I hate sleet and rain when I'm taking photos.
I've put most of my photo gear together but have to make sure all the batteries are charged, lenses cleaned, etc, etc.
Over the weekend I'm leading a walk for the Geltsdale Fellwalkers on Saturday and on a walk with Shepherd's Walks on Sunday so there is not much time to pack.
After the photo course I'm going to the Literary Festival in Keswick - a lovely change I hope.
Back here, the curtains are now hung in R's room. B put the rail up for me yesterday, a job that required a special glue gun (never used when I've put fittings up!) and a curtain rail that remained obstinately curvy.  The curtains hide it OK so it's better than no curtains up there.
Carla has just been violently sick - was it fur balls or a bad mouse? Yuck.
I have an article to write for the Northumbrian and writing this is a delaying tactic. The job MUST be done asap.
I've had a wonderful invitation for the evening when the Wall is illuminated. I'm going to Barcombe Fell to watch from there and then back to B and J's for drinks.  It will be fun to go with a crowd and I think the view will be great.  Hope no one else thinks of it!! (Shhh.)

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