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Sunday, 22 November 2009

What to read?

Have to decide what to read next after the second Stieg Larsson.  Hmmmn. Maybe just the Observer tonight. (Bought this in village shop today, a) because I wanted part 2 of the Kings and  Queens of England, b) because i needed to prove I do not take the Sunday Express!  Last week a Sunday Express had my name on it; I didn't collect it of course, but it has taken a few goes to convince various volunteers in the shop that I do not take a regular Sunday paper, I have never taken a regular Sunday paper, and, if I did, it would not be the Sunday Express.  (Could have been worse and my name might have been on The News of the World!)

Went to craft fayre at Wentworth while Mum went to church.  Enjoyed it and spent some money on this and that.  Came home with 2 ham knuckles which are ENORMOUS and weighed me down as I went around the stalls. Also bought a bottle of delicious Porto wine.  It may spoil me for my usual cheaper choices.

Very wild weather here tonight: high winds and rain.  Still better off than the poor folk in Cumbria.

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