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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Edgar Allan Poe

Heard Gail Nina-Anderson speak at the Laing this evening about Edgar Allan Poe. She said that many people think he lived at the end of the Victorian era but he was earlier: 1809 - 1849.  I thought he was writing into the 20th Century.  She spoke about the illustrations linked to his work, most of which were made after his death. It was fascinating. Then we had a pleasant supper and a lively chat with the other women at our table.  Discovered lots of similar interests.
Before that I was out walking with the Haltwhistle crowd. We did an 8 mile circular from Haltwhistle to Greenhead, Walltown and back via Hadrian's Wall Trail.  Wild, wet and windy this morning; just wild and windy this afternoon, but very clarty underfoot all day.  Felt much better after the exercise and all the chat.

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