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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pride of Tynedale awards

Busy day on Friday. Rehearsed with the Unlikely Ladies. We have a new member and are starting new repertoire for our next gig in February. Lots to do and good to have new stuff to prepare.  Left early to go to the Pride of Tynedale awards at the Racecourse.  This was my first awards ceremony and, since I am highly unlikely to be nominated for an Oscar or a Bafta (!), probably the only one I will attend.
The volunteers for the Festival were shortlisted in the Tourism Category. The others on the short list were JM of Shepherds Walks and the volunteers at Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. Our category was last to be announced.  I was sure that JM would win because he has worked so hard to build up his business, and been very successful.  So I was quite taken aback when we were the winners.  Ian, Colin and I were there to represent the volunteers and Maureen and Brian were there because of M's Haltwhistle Column. We were so excited.
The overall winner was Eileen Charlton of Haydon Bridge for her work on the Haydon Bridge by-pass. Well done to her.
At the end we all received a goody bag (like they do at the Oscars) but ours contained a Courant, a pen, pad of paper and 2 toilet rolls!!! (The joint sponsors were the Courant and SCA at Prudhoe.)  Great story? Wonder if they will publish that in the Courant?!
It was such a happy lovely do and we are thrilled.
I had to go and do the shopping before coming home to teach M's flute lesson. The others went back to Haltwhistle and had bubbly.

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