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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Quiet Wednesday

Enjoying a very quiet Wednesday at home. Still nursing the cold, but it's not too bad.  Picked raspberries from my garden this morning. I grow only autumn fruiting ones, and it is always a joy to be still picking into November.  In truth they are not as good as a few weeks ago - not as big or juicy, but still pretty good.
I fed the birds, dealt with the rubbish, did some washing, talked to Marjorie, Paula and Lesley on the phone, went to the village shop for milk. All very mundane.
Carla caused me some anxiety because she did not come home this morning and stayed out until lunchtime. She has a habit of doing this when Mum is away. Whoever heard of a cat who is so fixated on one person. She does come to see me occasionally and eats the food I put down, but I know she will be straight onto Mum's knee on Friday evening!
Now I'm tacking the photo homework: I have to produce a lith print and a duotone print.  Interesting but since I'm not very good at monochrome I think I have a lot to learn yet!

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