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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Long gap but no inactivity

Since I posted last the walking festival has been and gone, as has the Haltwhistle Challenge.  I was very busy with both. Life became more complicted when my Mum was "rushed to hospital" while I was out of Ouston Moor on the Isaac's Tea Trail walk. That meant I could not lead the Botany walk the next day. The good news was that she "only" had pneumonia not a heart attack, and the industrial dose of antibiotics worked like a dream.  Hopefully this means that she will get the same stuff if and when the need arises again.
I loved the festival and the Challenge although it has taken me days to get back to normal again.  I also have withdrawal symptoms from walking every day.
My garden was neglected and I've been trying to put that right this week.  It's amazing how forgiving it is, although the weeds have enjoyed being ignored for a while. The compost area is so large that it is hard to get in there and to dig it out and barrow it to the borders. I've begun to do it.

On Friday I went on a water vole day at Langdon Beck. I now know how to look for signs of water voles and, in particular, their latrines!! Can't resist showing an example!

They leave their droppings in the open to mark their territory. They are as big as rats but look like large hamsters, and they are herbivores. Why have I never seen one??

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